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Social Media : Back To Basics


Which social media sites are best for your brand or business?

Social media is based on two simple principles. Connecting with others and sharing information.
We share images, status updates, create company pages and post videos, … All to connect with people and share information.

Social media marketing includes many potential social media sites, with many ways to engage. It’s more than just Facebook.

Social media platforms come and go …Friendster, Eons, Digg and iTunes, but some manage to last for more than a few months … Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest!

social-media-powerYou need to figure out which of the networks to join. Then, you need to determine optimal messages, posting frequency, cost of social media management, integration with other marketing channels, and how to make the most of the billions of people who are hanging out on social media.

The social media scene can be bewildering. But if you follow this plan, you’re going to experience a return on investment:

Must: Join the Big Four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
Should: Consider the Lesser Three: Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube
Could: Check out Two of the Little Ones: Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit
Possibly: Find One Niche Site

Don’t join randomly. Instead, choose intentionally, by answering the four questions.

  • Where is my audience?
  • Where is my audience active?
  • Where is my audience searching?
  • What niche social media sites are right for me?

RE-social-media-must-havesAs you engage social media, you’ll discover the social nuances of your own niche. It will look different for every business, region, target audience, and personal style.

  • Content, engagement, and mentions are important in growing social media presence and followers.
  • Keep updating your profile and sharing your blog or business content.
  • Engage with people who comment or post a question.
  • When you get a mention or a tag, take the time to respond.
  • Get to know the people who are following you.

Social media is a conversation. Sometimes those conversations can be positive and sometimes they can be negative, but if you’re a business advertising on social media, you need to be ready to respond to either situation.

Social media is a lot more than meets the eye. Whether you are using social media for business, or for yourself, remember to engage with others, share great content, and have fun!

For those who see social media as a burden, its time to reevaluate your position and start learning.