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Listing Ad Headlines For Results

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Professional advertising copy writers take courses on creating effective headlines and title text. This is a huge part of a successful marketing piece, whether a direct mailer or an internet pitch.

Unfortunately, too many real estate professionals use the same old tired headlines for their listing advertisements. Too many just throw in the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, or they start with the old “well Priced Gem.” When there are a lot of homes for sale, there can be a lot of very similarly titled ads competing for the prospect’s attention.

Homebuyers routinely make decisions to view homes and attend show houses based on the strength of classified ads or internet listings. Not just the pictures, but also the hedline and text. Knowing the right words to use can help you compose just an effective advert to get your home sold.

We should constantly strive to be better at crafting ads and using titles, text and images effectively for our advert.

Choose short descriptive headlines. An adea would be to choose one word that comes to mind that describes your home. Then use those features to write an attention-grabbing headline.

Sell the features, not the house. Think back to when you bought the house, and what made you buy it? What single feature made you sign an offer… then play up those factors.

To craft an effective headline that suits your listing:
Start by listing all the adjectives and nouns that describe your home. Don’t worry about the order or spelling, just write them down as quickly as they pop into your mind.
Then review your list and cross off any that sound negative or misleading.

Some ‘good’ descriptive words to use in your headline would be:
Ready To Move-In
Lovingly maintained
Gardeners Paradise
Open plan living
Renovated to perfection
Prestigious location
Best street
Entertainer’s delight
Charming cottage
Sparkling pool and private spa
Beautiful bungalow
Fabulous water views
Skyline view
Secret gardens
Upscale urban

Humans exhibit some well-documented traits when it comes to the words that generate our responses. If you want the potential buyer of your homes to actually read your ad or listing, you need to use words in your headline that gets that desired response. Although not all-inclusive, a free tool can be found at the Advanced Marketing Institute website.

The tool gives it a EMV, or Emotional Marketing Value, score for how effective your headline is in using words with Intellectual, Spiritual and Empathetic impact on readers.

Here are some ad titles you could try:

Family Values Here!
Hop-Skip & a Jump to School
If you have a Family-We have the House!

Right out of Better Homes & Gardens
Think Garden!
The War of the Roses
Stop to Smell the Flowers
Made in the Shade

Think Big!
Need Space?
Room to Grow
Looking for the Brady Bunch
Own your own Sanctuary
The Great Escape
Country Living at it’s Best
Giving Away the Farm

A Great Value Doesn’t Last Long
Priced to Sell
Don’t Let This one Get Away!
Act Now!
Price Alert!
Do you Feel Lucky?
What are you Waiting For?
Once in a Lifetime
Can’t Take my Eyes off…
Too Good to Last
Hit the Jackpot at….
Make no Mistakes-Call Now!
RUN-Don’t Walk
Don’t Delay Call Today!
Finders Keepers
Pssst! Wanna Know a Secret?

Tender Loving Care
Pampered to Please
Refreshed and Rejuvenated
Brand New Smile
Snuggle by the Fireplace
No Hassles
Mom Deserves it!

Honey – Stop the Car!
Put a Smile on Your Face
A Touch of Class
All that Glitters
A Living Legend

Time Forgot this One
In Love with Yesteryear?
Romantic House Lover Wanted

No Room for In-Laws!
Why Pay for Big?

Don’t be a Slave to Rent
Kick the Rent Habit
Sweet and Low
So Much for So Little
You Could Pay More..
Spend Less – Get More!
Call the Moving Company

Doesn’t get any Better than This!
Endangered Species
Now You See It….
Believe in Miracles?
Don’t Blink
If Looks could Kill…
Make em all Jealous