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Instagram for Estate Agents


Instagram is a social media platform that encourages users to share pictures. With Instagram for real estate, you can share unique photos and videos featuring listings, record testimonial and interview videos, and share homeowner tips all in one aesthetically pleasing, fun-to-use channel.

Instagram, and its users differ dramatically from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Instagram users will have certain expectations of what they will see on the platform, as well as what they would be interested in seeing. ultimately Instagram is a free form of marketing, which is both an extension of our brand; and window of opportunity for potential clients.

Instagram-engagment-comparisonThe main reasons your audience follows you is to keep tabs on the newest and best listings you represent, hear your thoughts on local market conditions, and see what your clients and colleagues have to say about your business. That means posting content that’s actually photographed and recorded by you is essential.

Original, appealing real estate photography detailing your actual listings is the only way to get users to become followers and actually check out your Instagram real estate marketing. You already spend a great deal of time at your listings anyway, so just remember to snap a few shots here and there to stockpile visual marketing collateral for the homes. Get past clients to participate in testimonial videos.

Benefits of Instagram are:

  • Cost effective- One of the best things about using Instagram is that it allows you to promote your services and/or homes for free.
  • Photo sharing- As a real estate agent, you know how important pictures can be. Visual marketing is becoming increasingly important and the main purpose of Instagram is to share photos.
  • High visibility- Photos and posts that are shared on Instagram get a high level of visibility.
  • Aesthetically appealing- You can make your pictures and page aesthetically appealing by adding a picture frame or use color photo filters.
  • Online search- Believe it or not, the majority of people who are looking for a home start their search online.
  • Rise in popularity- Instagram is a social media site that has proven it’s popularity.


Instagram’s Photo Maps gives you have the option to share photos to your photo map before posting. This uses the geotag feature and puts a thumbnail of your photo onto a Google map so that you can see where it was taken. If you wanted to display your familiarity with a certain neighborhood or city, an eye-appealing Instagram photo map mixed with a Google map that shows listings you’ve sold, restaurants you’ve frequented, and local events you’ve been involved with proves that you are a local expert.

In your account settings, you can set it up so that every time you post a photo or video to your real estate Instagram account, it also appears on Facebook and Twitter.

There are also plenty of third-party services, such as SnapWidget, that utilize Instagram’s application programming interface. This allows you to showcase your photo map on your own website.

Most importantly of all, consider why would people follow you in the first place … What are they looking for you to deliver? You have the opportunity to create a place for yourself as the local expert. So go out and deliver!

Instagram is a great way to communicate and remain top of mind with your ideal clients, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. A personal website is the hub for all your online and social media activities.

Visit www.Instagram.com to create a profile for your real estate business.