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How To Fail At Everything


When your client or colleagues view of life is pessimistic don’t go sharing the empty half of the glass with them, go in with your ‘half full’ glass. That way at the very least there will be a whole glass between you.

Be on your guard against the energy sucking vampires! They will inevitably engage in a conversation with you and raise 1. blame on all problems resting on others; 2. complain about everything; and 3. not show gratitude.

Failure is much simpler. If you want to be a complete failure at everything you do:

  1. have a definition of success dreams and ambitions based on those of someone else … and hold them responsible for your failure.
  2. get bored, tired, or fed-up and don’t ever try to see something through to the end. It’s just too much work… and easier to complain about everything.
  3. rather than be grateful for the lessons you learned and helped you grow, don’t realise that you ‘fell forward’ … show no gratitude … hold everyone and everything around you responsible for conspiring on your failure.

You possibly already know that, when you see a ‘half-full’ glass, failure is always the greatest motivator.

fail_signsDon’t let failure or life’s monotony dampen your spirits. If anything, they should be what motivates you to get you up and moving. Remind yourself constantly that the only way is forward and staying still won’t get you anywhere.

For your success and the success of those around you:

  • Set small achievable milestones
  • Surround yourself with successful people
  • Join groups working towards a similar goal

When all’s said and done, it’s really up to you. Nothing’s stopping you from taking charge of your own life … nothing except your yourself that is!