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Easter Ideas For Real Estate Marketing


Easter is too good of an opportunity to waste. Hop on these Easter real estate marketing ideas and reach out to your market…
Easter is here, and brings a marketing opportunity for real estate agents, property offices; and even homeowners that have been looking for a boost in marketing to sell their homes. For some this will be an ideal weekend for maintaining their sales.

So what ideas can you action?

Easter Themed Real Estate Contest
Creating an Egg Colouring Contest is a great way to interact with people who have children. Organize a colouring contest like the ones you sometimes see at grocery stores and shopping malls offices. Make colouring sheets available to pick up at your office and offer a downloadable version on your website that can be printed out.

Ask that all submissions are returned to your office by a set date, and offer a prize (or several) to the winners.

Reach Out and Follow Up
Easter is a fantastic holiday for prospecting and a fresh follow up. Reach out to current clients and past clients you’d like to maintain a strong relationship with by delivering Easter baskets. With a little creativity you will find plenty of affordable ideas for connecting with past clients and new prospects, and potential strategic partners.

It doesn’t have to be expensive; just buy some chocolate in bulk, a small potted plant, book or family game. Be sure to include a card with your name (and contact info) on it wishing the recipients a happy Easter. Your generosity and cheer will not go unnoticed and may lead to referrals.

Impress potential listing clients, show others you care about the relationship, not just selling them. Build connections and stay top of mind. Have fun with it.

Show House Ideas for All Ages
Easter is awesome for show houses. With a four day holiday more people are out looking for things to do, and many have more time to spend looking at homes than on other days of the year. So go big, advertise your Easter weekend show house, and pack them in. There are endless themed ideas to pick from no matter what type of property you have, and who the ideal buyers are. This includes Easter egg hunts, family fun days, braais, …

Networking Ideas
If you don’t have a home to sell right now, this is still a powerful occasion to do some extra networking. Leverage some of the same ideas from show houses to host real estate networking events. Connect with future buyers, sellers, investors, and partners. Build the relationships in a warm way now.

Host an Egg Hunt
A neighbourhood egg hunt is a great way to interact with your clients and expand your network in the community. Schedule it for the day or weekend before Easter for maximum attendance and bill it as a time for kids to practice their hunting skills in anticipation of the big day. Fill plastic eggs with sweets, puzzle pieces or other small treats and award prizes.

You could even turn your Easter egg hunt into a charity event by having participants bring a blanket or canned food to donate. It’s a great way to build up your reputation and do right by others at the same time. Be sure you bring some coffee and buscuits, too, so you can mingle with the adults while the little ones hunt for eggs.

Use the Easter weekend to leverage your business to the next level with a personal touch.