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Crypto Currency in Real Estate

Crypto currency in real estate

Crypto currency and Bitcoin is still coming up in everyday conversation despite #markfishchallenge being Twitters top trending #hashtag right now.

Property companies, estate agents and home owners are not waiting around to capitalise on the new global currency.

In in Tarragona, Spain, real estate office Mr. Piso is recorded as having brokered the first property sale with Bitcoin being accepted as the method of payment. And this is no one-off! The same office kicked off 2018 with 2 more property sales in January being negotiated that will be paid in crypto currency.

Bitcoin in real estateProperty can currently be found for sale in cities like Miami (USA), Glasgow ) United Kingdom, Scotland), Morkov (Denmark), Colchester (UK) , Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and more, offering to accept payment in crypto currency.

Fortune.com reports a Miami seller willing to only accepting Bitcoin offers.

So how many Bitcoin would it take to buy a home in South Africa? Trading today at R135,329.55 per Bitcoin that would be just 7.39 Bitcoin per R1million.

So provided the seller was willing, one could get a home on Nettleton Road in Clifton with ocean views for up to 1550 Bitcoin; or a 7 bedroom home with views of the Magaliesburg for just 1100 Bitcoin.

Are you ready for crypto currency?

How many Bitcoin would your home fetch, and are you geared to accept payment for your listing or commission in a crypto currency?

*(Marketing tip #1 – Marks #markfishchallenge demonstrates perfectly how to grab the spot light from a legend.)